„Run & Help Kids!“ all the way to Africa!

Today my sister brought my attention to a great initiative that takes care of the children in the hot spots of the townships in Africa: Ubomi!

The initiators write on their homepage:

„The Ubomi houses in Khayelitsha and Gugulethu are family places and safe islands in the middle of the townships‘ focal points. Neglected and orphaned children receive food, care, recreational activities, a place of retreat and support in many ways. Our Ubomis are to be two of many Ubomis for the children of South Africa.“

Especially in the Corona time this initiative needs support and backing!
For this purpose, it has created the run „Run 2 South Africa 4 South Africa“, in which all runners want to cover the distance Aachen – Cape Town in the time from May 3rd – 17th to collect donations.

I am happy to support this campaign as a runner and as a sponsor!


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