„This shirt is to help children!“

When two positive crazy people throw their social commitment together, only something great can come out of it!

Following today’s „Genusslauf Wangen“, Frank Heidemann (Managing Director of SET GmbH, Smart Embedded Technologies) and I have agreed that he will not „only“ be my friend, but also my sponsor for the rest of the year!

That means that I will wear this shirt at the races in Nordkirchen (30.4., 10km & 10.8. HM), in Lüdinghausen (13.9. 10km), on Langeoog (21.9. HM) and at the marathon in Bremen and Frank will donate money to the children’s palliative centre „Lichtblicke“ in Datteln and to the children’s foundation Bodensee!

I am very happy and grateful to you!

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